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"I have been working closely with the MIC Technology Centre for the past four and half years and I have had the opportunity to meet with the youth of the constituency. I consider my achievements at the MIC highly significant to provide employment to a large number of youth and it is this success which makes me feel that I can undertake improvement and enhancement of the conditions of the constituency in many other areas of organized activities."



Achieved expansion of technical and vocational skills training throughout Trinidad and Tobago


Enhanced Service Sector

Led a team that has witnessed over 15,000 persons graduate during our tenure. Among those are graduates in the Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction sectors



20 year history of involvement in charitable endeavours through the Rotary



I am a self-made, businessman with a track-record of success in my field, who also proudly served as a Board Member of the Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturers Association contributing to the development of the manufacturing sector.


I am David Anthony Lee. I am the elder of two siblings, born and raised in a Roman Catholic home with parental roots in San Fernando. I’m happily married for 14 years to Elizabeth, the youngest of 14 children from La Romain.

I attended St Mary’ College (CIC) and then moved to USA to further my education in Finance and Accounting. Upon my return, I worked at the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago for 15 years and then as CEO of a large international shipping conglomerate. As a self-made successful businessman, I also proudly served as a Board Member of the Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturers Association contributing to the development of the manufacturing sector.

As Chairman for the past 5 years of the MIC Institute of Technology I have played a key role in expanding the technical and vocational skills training across T&T. I have always had a vision and passion for making a difference in the lives of young persons, ensuring that the programmes of the MIC are accessible to all. In this regard, we have opened four new centres in Tobago, O’Meara, Penal and Diego Martin. Recently, the Welding Caravan and Welding Academy were introduced in an effort to enhance the community outreach and training programs in rural areas. Over the past five years, MIC has graduated 15,000 young men and women to companies in the Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction Industries.

As an active Rotarian for the last 20 years I have worked with numerous charitable programmes assisting the underprivileged, homeless and disabled. I was awarded an Honourary Doctorate from the University of the Southern Caribbean for my visionary leadership and meritorious service to T&T.

With a track record of leadership, service to country and youth development, I give myself to the people of Pointe-a-Pierre.


Blue economy

Any development plan for Pointe- a-Pierre must be part of the National Strategy that looks at diversification of the economy. Pointe-a-Pierre is well-positioned too as a consistency to be part of the Blue Economy that will encompass a range of Maritime activities through a maritime cluster:

I have identified the Flower Pot area for development where we can create a boardwalk that will have spin- off effects for sea bathing and entrepreneurial activities for small business development as well.

In addition, I have targeted areas which can be utilized for ship repair and fabricating that will bring sustainable employment and welding/repair training facility to the entire consistency.

Persons with Special Needs

From my work on the ground, I have recognized that we have a small population of person with special needs. (Both Children and the elderly)

I intend to create a roving caravan that will visit persons and children with special needs to give them the custodial care they deserve on a weekly basis.

If possible with the help of people I intend to have a special centre for assistance, training and custodial care of these deserving citizens both young and old.

Youth Engagement

My life experience primarily with youth empowerment places me in a unique position to address their needs.

Basic Infrastructure Development

I intend to continue the programme of infrastructure development that is critically needed in this constituency.

I have seen work that has been done. But there is much, much more to be accomplished such as drainage, paving of roads, etc.


hesitate to


Constituency Office


Feel free to email me. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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